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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about what we do and how we do it? Check out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions from clients below.

  • Does Sykom only make explainer videos?
    No! Although illustrated/ whiteboard explainer videos are our most popular service, we also do science writing, custom illustrations, refine pitch decks, and more!
  • Can I narrate my own video?
    Yes! A voice from within your company/ organization (e.g. founder, CEO, CSO, etc.) can be a powerful asset when people see your video. We have even worked with voice actors to do narration in different languages/ accents and illustrated audio from podcasts!
  • How much do your services cost?
    The cost of each project varies on your specific needs so you are encouraged to reach out to us with a project outline for a quote. Sykom has extremely competitive rates! We do our best to provide the maximum value in terms of collaborative experience, turnaround time, and final product. ​ Clients are also encouraged to have rough estimate of what an appropriate budget for their project is when they set up a consultation for the first time. Sykom's highly trained and creative team provides unique services: scientific writing, customized hand-drawn illustrations, voice narration, and video editing all done in-house by a PhD- level trained scientist. And although our communications media may look simple and fun it takes a lot of effort to look effortless. ​ Remember, this is an investment! Much of the communications media Sykom provides (especially explainer videos) are one of the first thing people see about your company and will be a powerful asset that will last you many years. So make sure you get it done right!
  • How will my organization benefit from better science communications?
    Have you been enthusiastically pitching your world-changing tech to investors and commercial partners only to be met with silence? Have you tried talk about the importance of your scientific work only to have the subject quickly change? If you have an amazing idea or technology, but you are struggling to get attention and funding, chances are you need to invest in better scientific communications. Sykom is uniquely built to partner with outstanding scientists and tech companies so that you can continue to inspire people to take action, invest in tech solutions, and make societal changes. Unlike many other communications/ PR marketing agencies, we have the scientific expertise to convey your message simply and accurately. We generate media that often becomes the first impression about your company or organization, for investors, analysts, and the general public. We truly believe that your success is not only our success, but the entire world's success as science and tech continues to improve all of our lives.
  • Who gets to claim copyright over the created material?
    You do! Sykom will retain creative copyright, so that no one else may claim to have created the work that was made in the collaboration. However, the client retains all other rights to publish and share the final media product.
  • Can Sykom help promote our work?
    Although Sykom does not specialize in PR, many of our clients are excited to have Sykom cross-promote the work they've commissioned (YAY for FREE PUBLICITY!). However, Sykom is also extremely aware that we sometimes work with sensitive or proprietary information under an NDA so we will not share anything until you are comfortable to show it.
  • How long does it take to make an illustrated video?
    It varies depending on the length of video you want (1 minute of video = up to 60 hours of work behind-the-scenes!!), how quickly the client is able to review and give feedback on draft scripts and storyboards and the number of revisions we need to make. Realistically, most videos take between 4-8 weeks to complete from the initial consultation meeting to final delivery of the product. Sykom is adaptive to accommodate your schedule. We place top priority on rush orders if you have a tight deadline or slow things down if life gets busy.
  • What is the typical process for working with Sykom?
    Our clients have consistently found that working with Sykom is easier and less time-consuming than a typical communications company because we really DO understand your science. ​ First, contact us to set up a free consultation with Sykom's founder, Aarati Asundi Ph.D., to discuss your project goals, timeline and which of Sykom’s services best fit your communication needs. After a contract is signed, you can send over any further details about your project. This can be through materials you've already created in the past, like grant applications, pitch decks, webpages, published articles, interviews, etc. I will look through it all, make sure I understand everything thoroughly, and create custom, compelling communications media that accurately conveys your message. ​ At every stage, you will have the opportunity to provide as much input as you would like. I encourage clients to share working drafts of scripts, illustrations, etc. with co-workers in other departments, friends, and family to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the final product
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