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Illustrated videos are what we are known for! We work with tech companies and researchers to craft a compelling script that lends itself well to animations. We then create a unique, custom storyboard with hand drawn illustrations that helps the audience visualize your technology in a way that is fun and accessible. Check out the videos from our client portfolio below!

How do we know what a fish likes? (And can we predict it?)
Galactic Polymath

How do we know what a fish likes? (And can we predict it?)

This video supports Part 2 of our lesson, "I Like That: How perception, emotion, and cognition shape our preferences." The video features the work of Tamra Mendelson, PhD and her former graduate student, Tory Williams, PhD. It is also designed to interact with student activities associated with the lesson. Here, we learn about how humans perceive color with our 3 cone types, and how that compares to darters (a type of beautiful freshwater fish that only has 2 cone types). The video (and activity) build toward students analyzing boxplots and data from a 2013 study led by Drs. Williams and Mendelson. The end goal of the study, and the lesson, is to test the hypothesis that female darters will be more attracted to a model male fish that is most stimulating to their sensory systems. Associated GP Lesson: Sign up for emails to stay in the loop 👉 Animation by @Sykommer Narration and Scoring by @PhutureDoctors The "Cones Characters" were borrowed from an excellent video by @CalderRuhlHansen : Other Links: Mendelson Lab Website: The Study, "Sexual selection acting on a speciation trait in darters (Percidae: Etheostoma)" 0:00 Intro to Dr. Tamra Mendelson and darters 0:42 How does a fish species' visual perception and mate choice lead to speciation? 2:01 How humans (and fish) see color 3:21 Everybody sees the world in slightly different ways 4:17 Hypothesis: Females prefer colors they're most sensitive to 4:50 Experimental design 7:03 Analyze and find out
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