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Illustrated Videos

Illustrated videos are what we are known for! We work with tech companies and researchers to craft a compelling and informative script. We then create a custom storyboard with hand drawn illustrations that helps the audience visualize your technology. Check out the videos from our client portfolio below!

What does a fish like? This question takes us unexpected places
Galactic Polymath

What does a fish like? This question takes us unexpected places

The video features the work of two amazing women in STEM: Tamra Mendelson, PhD and her former graduate student, Tory Williams, PhD. Here, we learn about how humans perceive color with our 3 cone types, and how that compares to darters (a type of beautiful freshwater fish that only has 2 cone types). The video (and connected activity) build toward students analyzing boxplots and data from a 2013 study led by Drs. Williams and Mendelson. The end goal of the study, and the lesson, is to test the hypothesis that female darters will be more attracted to a model male fish that is most stimulating to their sensory systems. This video supports Part 2 of our lesson, "I Like That: How perception, emotion, and cognition shape our preferences." Associated GP Lesson: Sign up for emails to stay in the loop 👉 Animation by @Sykommer Narration and Scoring by @PhutureDoctors The "Cones Characters" were borrowed from an excellent video by @CalderRuhlHansen : Other Links: Mendelson Lab Website: The Study, "Sexual selection acting on a speciation trait in darters (Percidae: Etheostoma)" 0:00 Intro to Dr. Tamra Mendelson and darters 0:42 How does a fish species' visual perception and mate choice lead to speciation? 2:01 How humans (and fish) see color 3:21 Everybody sees the world in slightly different ways 4:17 Hypothesis: Females prefer colors they're most sensitive to 4:50 Experimental design 7:03 Analyze and find out
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