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If you need something that doesn't quite fit into our other categories... send us a message anyway! You'll be surprised at how quickly we get excited and ready to help. An infographic for your latest press release? Check! Illustrations for a company calendar? Check! A landing page for your website? Check! A newsletter that will go out to your email list every month? Check! The possibilities are endless...


CEMVITA FACTORY: 2022 Calendar

January 2022

After having done multiple explainer videos with us, Cemvita Factory asked if we could create 12 custom illustrations for their "Scientists that Inspire Us" 2022 company calendar. We got to work right away curating a list of 12 famous chemists (especially biochemists), choosing inspirational quotes, and creating illustrations that tied into the colors in their company logo. We ended up designing the entire calendar for them, using their brand's fonts for the months and dates and highlighting Cemvita's values and ethical standards at the bottom of each page. The calendars were a hit with the whole company- even the CEO said he was #obsessed

GALACTIC POLYMATH: Video Illustrations

July 2022

Upgrade talking head videos with illustrations and animations! Videos are an important part of Galactic Polymath's interdisciplinary STEM lesson plans. We worked with them to create colorful visuals to help illustrate key concepts and keep students engaged.


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